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Yimanfeng PPT speech contest ended

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In order to carry forward the enterprise culture, strengthen the brand value idea, our first PPT speech contest was successfully completed in September 3, 2016. Players have demonstrated excellent PPT courseware, competing for the title of this game.

Players to bring their own PPT courseware to stage 15 minutes of time limit speech. The atmosphere of the game is very intense, the players through the stage to show their eloquence and style. After a fierce competition, a total of three players come to the fore. The sales department Luo Mingjun to surging wonderful speech won the title, Liu Chengsi won the two prize in the sales department, the sales department to get third-prize tension, and by the yimanfeng senior leadership award certificate and prize.

Yimanfeng employee speech style

Company leaders and award-winning staff photo

The speech contest for employees to build a platform for self display, provides the opportunity to communicate with each other, to encourage employees to better grasp the technical knowledge of products, the company's products to customers with more professional attitude, showing a good corporate image. Thank all of the participants, active participation of everyone, everyone has the hard struggle, I believe yimanfeng brand will shine.

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